BLUE BLOODS “Thanksgiving” Review

BLUE BLOODS Season 2, Episode 8 "Thanksgiving" – f they had let grandpa die, what would be the point of tuning in every week? No one to call Frank Francis, no one to make old-timing observations?Blue Bloods would have to fill the time with Jamie being unsure and Danny being cocky, and there’s really enough of that already. Through all the fairly predictable hospital scenes, the best one was when the doctor asks Frank what prescriptions his father takes and he doesn’t know, but replies he should know. That’s the moment he seems the most shaken, the most guilty for not being there when the heart attack happened. When they bring him to the family dinner table set up in the cafeteria it was a sweet moment, but should you really surprise a man who’s just had heart surgery?

The suicide/murder story line just didn’t seem like a well thought out plot. First you have Danny’s jump that it’s an honor killing, which does seem a bit racist. I didn’t see the twist of the victim’s sister having an affair with her boyfriend, but that surprise was followed by the anti-climatic admission that the boyfriend accidentally pushed her out the window when they were arguing. I also didn’t buy how quickly the brother turned on his sister for dating the dead sister’s boyfriend. He was sending his dead sister texts about how being with the man shamed the family, and then he’s upset about the cheating, not the fact that his other sister is also dating the jerk? Read More...


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