BOSS “Remembered” Review

BOSS "Remembered" Season 1 Episode 5 – This was probably the strongest showing of Boss to date, despite the fact that Kitty’s boobs weren’t flashed even once. We still got some boobage, don’t worry, but there was still an emptiness left when all Kitty gives us is some extreme cleavage, don’t you think? In this episode we had the water crisis spilling over into Kane’s lap. The most interesting thing about the show so far has to be the inside look into the cogs turning as Kane and his team try to clean up the mess and shift the blame elsewhere. Any episode that gives us more of Kitty and Stone thinking up devious schemes and less of Emma saying lines like "you don’t care who you hurt, what you break, what you take" with all the torment of a woman who just found a yoyo in her cereal box instead of a bouncy ball is an episode that’s on the right track.

My only reservations about this whole storyline is the Sam character. Sam the journalist. He’s so bland and so uninteresting that I just want him to lose by default, I don’t care how many kids get cancer (and yes, just for writing that I feel like an awful human being. Thanks a lot, Sam.) He had one big scene in this episode – the secret meeting with Kane – and he came across as whiny and petulant. I just wanted Kane to strangle him (this happened later, but alas, not to Sam). Read More...


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