DEXTER “Sin of Omission” Review

DEXTER "Sin of Omission" Season 6 Episode 8 – After hearing the news earlier this week that Dexterhas been renewed for two more seasons by Showtime, "Sin of Omission", and the rest of the season for that matter, loses a little bit of suspense for me. On a show that has always had a hard time making big moves or changes to its formula, knowing that we have at least two more seasons to fill really takes a lot of the wind out of this season’s sails. I guess this won’t be the season that Deb finds out about Dex, or that another major character will die. I could be totally wrong, and we could have a major revelation by the end of the season and have the next two seasons be completely different, but I highly doubt it.

But I guess that’s neither here nor there as far as the quality of this episode, and "Sin of Omission" was yet another solid episode of this season. We finally see Dexter returning to the Doomsday Killer case, as he seems to have completely forgotten about it over the past few episodes. His first scene in the restoration room with Travis was really cool, as Colin Hanks does a great job as the guy who is being pressured from too many angles. This scene did give us another clue from Dexter that seems to be hinting at Gellar being a figment of Travis’ imagination, as he referred to Gellar as Travis’ dark passenger. I know he had that obligatory line about how Gellar is different because he "walks and talks and breathes", but that seems like it’s just trying to throw us off the trail. Read More...


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