ALLEN GREGORY “Interracial McAdams” Review

ALLEN GREGORY "Interracial McAdams" Season 1, Episode 4 – In an attempt to get on Joel Zadak’s good side, Allen Gregory takes on the role of caregiver and field reporter when Joel gets sick and has to stay home from school.

Without Joel around to push him out of his elite circle, Allen Gregory rather easily talks his way into Joel’s clique. Although he’s quick to dump Patrick for the cool kids, he is only spending time with Joel’s friends so he can get close to Joel. Allen Gregory seems to love Joel more than women, popularity, and friendship and he has little interest in actually replacing Joel as the top dog at school.

Allen Gregory‘s friends all commented that they liked how nice Allen Gregory was, and even if he wasn’t being totally genuine, it was nice to see him not be such a complete jerk all the time. Unfortunately, Patrick still got the raw end of the deal and in a move to help return Joel to his rightful place in the school yard pack, the nasty side of Allen Gregory‘s personality had to pop up again. Read More...


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