AMERICAN DAD “Virtual In-Stanity” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Virtual In-Stanity" Season 7, Episode 5 – Tonight Stan realized that he hasn’t been living up to the role of greatest American Dad. When he looks back on the milestones in Steve’s life and is horrified to discover that he’s missed them all, he decides he’s going to do whatever it takes to get to know his son.

As far as Steve is concerned, it’s a little late for Stan to be trying to do the father-son bonding thing. Luckily the new avatar program at the CIA gives Stan an opportunity to spend time with his son without Steve thinking he’s wasting time with his dad. Phyllis, the new transfer student in Steve’s class is actually Stan’s avatar and sweet, naive Steve doesn’t for a moment suspect anything unusual with the idea of a gorgeous blonde walking into his school and asking him out on a date.

I really liked that Steve ended up having feelings for his friend, Chelsea who was actually compatible with him. It was nice to see that Steve wasn’t completely shallow, even if he did end up ditching his plan to take Chelsea to Homecoming after Phyllis/Stan promised to have sex with him. Hey, nobody’s perfect, and judging by Steve’s daily calendar, sex is his major Achilles heel. Read More...


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