Fringe 4.07 "Wallflower" Review

Let me be honest here: Fringe's fourth season hasn't been as consistently great as the third season. While some of that could be blamed on the show's noticeably lower budget, the majority of the problem is that there isn't a real direction to the season. Sure, the slow build to Peter's return over the first four episodes of the season was great, but once Peter returned the show seemed to slow down, as if to ask itself, "What next?" While he did have a fairly large role in last week's "And Those We Left Behind," Peter appeared for a total of three scenes in this week's midseason finale, "Wallflower." It's quite baffling to me why the writers of the show made Peter's return such a central part of the season, then failed to really expand upon it once he did come back. There's promise of more Peter action once the show returns in January, but the momentum's already been lost. Instead of another case-driven episode as the midseason finale, Fringe should have taken us to winter break with a more mythology-driven episode. Having Nina semi-predictably be revealed to be double-crossing Olivia simply wasn't a solid enough ending to take us into the break. Read More...


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