Chuck 5.04 "Chuck Vs. The Business Trip" Review

Chuck season 5 zooms on its fourth entry with this week’s "Chuck Vs. The Business Trip" as Chuck goes undercover as Morgan Grimes himself to flush out a deadly CIA assassin hunting his best friend at a Buy More retreat.  Definitely the strongest and funniest outing yet of Chuck season 5, "Chuck Vs. The Business Trip" will entertain, but deepen your sadness that only nine episodes remain for the plucky Carmichael Industries.

Expectation plays a funny role in the way we all perceive television, and "Chuck Vs. the Business Trip" provides a fine example of that.  For instance, almost two years ago I found myself walking down the street listening to Shaggy’s "It Wasn’t Me" (come on, that’s an awesome song), and for whatever reason my brain made the connections to conjure that the song would make for a fine Jeffster performance, ably set during some kind of tropical Buy More retreat.  I even tweeted at Zachary Levi as such, innocently thinking it might make for a laugh. Read More...


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