Supernatural Episode 7.09 Review: Dick Roman Wants You to Buy His Book...And Become Brain Dead

Oh, Supernatural.  You always pull me back in.  To be fair, I was never really out.  I didn’t even hate last week’s episode with Becky as much as many people seemed to (maybe I was the only one).  But tonight’s episode, penned by fan favorite Ben Edlund, was the perfect mix of hunting, humor and disgust.  In other words, classic Ben Edlund.

What's Worse Than a Motel 6? 

Dean begins the episode by grumbling about their current lot in life.  Sure, the Winchesters must have seen some pretty sketchy places over the years - what with never really having paying jobs - but now they are really down on their luck.  The killing spree that their doppelgangers went on a few episodes ago mean they are still forced to stay off the grid.  You know, despite the fact that Becky was tweeting the name "Winchester" last week and introducing Sam to everyone she's ever met in her life.  But whatever, I digress. Read More...


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