Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Rainy Season Sky - Quartz Rainbow Mark

The episode starts up on a rainy day where Noel and Kanata are working seperatly. Noel cannot get the tank to work properly or even to boot up for starts, and Kanata's praticing begins to take a toll on her as she's unable to shake the sour notes. The two are assigned to go into town and pick up some extra provisions, Noel to drive and Kanata to assist. Kanata is rather impressed and excitable as it's her first time into the city since she arrived, and Noel, while quiet, points out a few of the city's points proving that while quiet she is rather smart. As the car comes to a halt the pair are met by the women who help Kanata clean up in the first episode, a shopkeeper named Naomi who invites them inside.

Naomi is one of the few people able to get old machine supplies and supplies the base with replacement parts for the tank. Kanata stares at the dolphin figurine she saw in the first episode and, with permission, strikes it gently allowing it's sound to resonate. A-flat. Whatever future this is, we learn that while the dolphin is regoconized by some, it's a fading memory as all life in the seas are now gone due to the war. Naomi tells Kanata the figures are made by a romantic who lives in the factory outside of town. Kanata says she'd love to meet him, and Noel reveals that the factory is one of the places they must visit today.

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