'Grimm' recap: Singin' the Blues

My favorite thing about the classic fairy tales is how, in modern re-tellings, the more grisly and gruesome details have been systematically Disney-fied out. Like the part in Red Riding Hood when the huntsman butchers the Big Bad Wolf to itty-bitty bits after the aforementioned beast eats dear old granny. In my house, grandma is tied up and gagged in the closet and I don't think there was a huntsman at all. Or, there's the one about the nobleman with the blue beard that imprisons his wives in a locked cellar and then tortures and kills them.

Oh, you haven't heard that one? Well that, along with the song "Blue (da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65, are the inspiration for this week's episode ofGrimm. Tonight's inscription -- There she paused for a while... But the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it. Taking the little key, with a trembling hand she opened the door of the room. -- was lifted from the story of Bluebeard by Charles Perrault, one of the godfather's of the fairy tale genre. That segment refers to Bluebeard's latest wife opening a door she promised not to, only to discover a room bathed in blood with the bodies of her predecessors hanging from the walls. Grimm, indeed. Read More...



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