Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 04 Review: Son Goku's dead...

Okay, so it's already episode four. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was watching episode one (wait... was that yesterday!?). I didn't get to see this episode as it aired (again), but I did see it the next day over on YouTube. It's so awesome how we can all see things streamed online from other countries about a couple hours later on YouTube. I'm not going to get into the wonders of the web and make myself look like an old man, so why don't I just get on with the review! To start things off let me give a general statement to sum up the episode and all of its awesome-ness and flaws:

I give it 5 stars. Just because I liked the material of the episode, and that everything about it was great!

I didn't write many notes on the episode, as I saw one part at one time and then the rest of the episode another time. All I have written down is -

* Chi-Chi sewing scene not cut (filler), but moved to this episode

* Covers chapters 205 and 206

* Episode seemed fine, like it didn't skip any part of the original anime

That's a little confusing, so for the first real part of the review I'll translate that for all you guys. The bullet about Chi-Chi was referring to how some thought this scene was cut from the last episode, but instead it was moved to the beginning of this one. Next we have that it covers chapters 205 and 206. Sounds simple enough so I don't need to elaborate on that, do I? Last but certainly the most confusing, I simply meant the episode didn't seem rushed like some of the others. Of course I guess that was because it was only one episode the material was from...

The episode didn't seem rushed at all. It only covered the sixth episode of DBZ, so this could explain things. They didn't leave much filler except for the Chi-Chi scene, so it's basically stickng with the manga. Please note that the real filler doesn't start kicking in until the coming episodes, so we can't really be sure if they will stay true to the manga at all times in the series.

Like I wrote earlier, I don't really have much to add on this episode. It went good with the manga, I didn't really notice the music, the episode seemed slow and not rushed, and... I'm all out of things to write. With that all done, all that's left to say is that I hope you enjoyed reading, bye'cha, and (scroll over the page under the following text to see the invisible ending)...

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