Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Jason Segel and Florence and the Machine

OK, I’m abnormally excited about tonight’s "Saturday Night Live." Am I looking forward to Jason Segel? You betcha. Florence + The Machine? Sure. But what I am really jazzed for? MUPPETS, people. Given that Segel is the writer/star of the "The Muppets," and given the Muppets’ own history with SNL, it’s only logical that they show up in some form tonight. (If you’re as into The Muppets as I am, you owe it to yourself to check out this Film Nerd 2.0 interview over on Drew McWeeney’s Motion/Captured blog here at HitFix.)
It’s gonna take a lot to bring me down tonight. Which probably means "SNL" will bust out "Secret Word," "The Manuel Ortiz Talk Show," then feature Fozzie Bear with Anthony Crispino on "Weekend Update" just to break my spirit. Only one way to find out. Onto the recap!

A Message From The Committee To Elect Mitt Romney: More surprising than the number of appearances by Jason Sudeikis as Romney this season? The complete lack of Fred Armisen as Obama. Just noting. Romney appears here "Raw and Unleashed" in an attempt to get in the headlines currently dominated by Herman Cain and Rick Perry. Naturally, his goofs and indiscretions are as boring as he is. "SNL" is sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place should the race come down to Obama/Romney. Neither give the show much with which to work. Sudeikis has plenty of energy in the role, but the best "SNL" political sketches have a bite that is missing here. I’m not sure this is the show’s fault, given the target in question. But there you have it. (On the plus side, Jay Pharoah sighting in the first sketch! Not just his hand holding an iPhone! The whole Jay!) [Grade: C+] Read More...


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