Dexter 6.08 "Sin Of Omission" Review

Dexter season 6 returns to slice up its eighth entry with this week’s return-to-form "Sin of Omission," as our favorite serial killer gets back on track and finds himself fighting to keep ahead of Miami Metro in tracking down Travis Marshal and Professor Gellar, while Deb grows frustrated at her brother's increasing distance.  "Sin of Omission" gives us some good forward movement in the narrative, and offers welcome relief from the distracting "Nebraska."

I was admittedly hard on Dexter last week for the vastly unnecessary detour to "Nebraska," the lazy way Brian Moser (Christian Camargo) tacked on to the story, only to disappear by its end.  Those criticisms were founded however, as "Sin of Omission" quietly sweeps the entire ordeal under the rug, failing to even mention Brian, or even address Harry’s thoughts on the subject.  With Dexter back in Miami and back on the trail of the Doomsday killers, we can all forget about that entire cornpone mess of a storyline. Read More...


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Aug 20, 2012 3:16PM EDT

ok so only a small mention by deb as to why Dexter was in Nebraska , Dexter has a a lot of omission is in this episode and the reason for it is that Dexter will be confessing to his sister.

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