Dexter Review: Oh, Brothers

It may be contrived, but I'll take it.

This week, Dexter viewers finally watched the title character get prominently involved in the most significant, gruesome serial-killing case the show has ever portrayed. It's been incredibly odd to see Dexter so obsessed with Brother Sam and some notion of light versus dark that he essentially overlooked the sort of case that would typically grab his attention.

And, even now, it's unclear why he's working against the police instead of with them. As I've noted before, there's no reason for Dexter to be on his own in this instance. In the past, he only took it upon himself to track down killers when the cops have failed, or when there's something especially personal at stake (e.g. Trinity). But here? Of course he's committing a "Sin of Omission," there's simply no rational reason - or any Dark Passenger-related reason - for why he wouldn't tell everyone else about Travis. Read More...


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