Boardwalk Empire Review: Battle On!

The "Fight of the Century" between Dempsey and Carpentier served as a nice back drop to this week's Boardwalk Empire episode "Battle of the Century."

Granted, there wasn't a lot of violence (minus the icky meat cleaver scene), but there were plenty of underhanded dealings and vicious moves. This was a great followup to Nucky's departure from his Atlantic City office last week, giving us every reason to be excited for the final episodes of the season.

The ending of last week's installment not only indicated that Nucky was definitely still "in business" but also hinted at some serious health problems for Margaret's daughter, Emily. This week, the poor girl woke up unable to move her legs and the doctor confirmed Margaret's worst fear: Polio. The entire health crisis was difficult to watch, especially when Margaret struggled with the necessary quarantine. Read More...


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