Fringe Promo: An Old Villain Returns in Episode 4.08

Fringe has just entered its long winter's hiatus, which will last until the show returns on January 13 with the episode "Back to Where You've Never Been." The episode, which was supposed to serve as the midseason finale until it was pushed back due to the World Series, looks like an action-packed affair. The episode, by the way, will be written by newcomer David Fury, who penned this season's "Alone in the World," but is better known for writing the iconic LOST episode "Walkabout."

"Back to Where You've Never Been" sees Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) build a bridge to the alternate universe in order to enlist Walternate's help in returning to his own timeline. The title of the episode refers to the fact that while Peter is familiar with an alternate universe, it certainly isn't this one, which has forgotten that Peter exists just like the other universe. Here's hoping that this brings us a new hue for the Fringe opening credits -- those are always fun. Read More...


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