The Walking Dead Review: To Tell The Truth

There's walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant!

Glenn, you blabbermouth You really are the worst secret keeper ever. How many surprise birthday parties do you think he's ruined?

At least he remains helpful, kind and understanding (although the women make it difficult for him sometimes), so I forgive Glenn for spilling the beans. Plus, that simple and straightforward statement led the way for plenty of action and drama.

I guess I should have known that dealing with the barn walkers would have to wait until next week's midseason finale, but we did learn why Hershel is so against killing them. Hershel believes they are still people; people who just happen to be sick.

While he does make some valid points about not killing schizophrenics or someone with a disease, it's hard to compare his scenario to flesh eating monsters with a single goal: to eat and kill. And while Maggie seemed rather intent to follow in her father's beliefs, a close encounter with a snarling un-dead looked like enough to change her mind (and to give Glenn a kiss). Read More...


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