Hank Baskett Tries to Get 'Kendra' to Eat a Dove He Killed (VIDEO)

This week on 'Kendra' (Sun., 10PM ET on E!) Hank Baskett brings home the fruits of his hunting trip and tries to get wife Kendra Wilkinson to eat a dove that he shot. Funnily enough, she's not keen to try it. Hank tries the old staple of saying it's just like chicken, but when she says "it doesn't look like it," he counters with a rather unconvincing "Yeah it does. It's like a small chicken."

Kendra's confused though. "I thought [a] dove was like a symbol of peace and love, or something. I didn't think it was something that you actually ate." As if that's not enough to put her off, the warning that when eating birds you've shot you should always chew slowly in case you bite into a bullet, further convinces her not to try it.

In fact, watching the others chow down on the international sign of peace just makes Kendra retch.


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