HELL ON WHEELS “A Birth of Freedom” Review

HELL ON WHEELS "A Birth Of Freedom" Season 1 Episode 3 – In a month where I’ve watched The Birth of a Nation and Breaking Dawn, Hell On Wheels is still the most offensive thing I’ve seen. Which is sad, because the show isn’t intentionally racist or sexist (I think). It’s just trying to address and confront these issues in the vein similar to Deadwood and Mad Men – as in, show racist and sexist characters, but in a way that just exposes their ignorance, but supports it – but unfortunately the show is so dumb that most everything that comes across the screen is just insanely offensive. But it’s offensive in the dumb way a cute little kid might be if they laughed at a crippled homeless person. The kid is dumb, but, like the show, it’s still really cute and you still have hope that one day it’ll grow up and read a book.

I feel bad for Colm Meaney. Nobody deserves the rants and raves he’s made to recite. At the very least, his directors should have kindly asked him to cease with the Daniel Day Lewis impersonation. His character is supposed to be a huge presence leering over the rest of the encampment: a thinly veiled attempt to bring Al Swearigin back from Deadwood and put him in another man’s body: spouting monologues, insulting everything that moves, cruel and corrupt. The only problem is that Meaney’s performance is utterly charmless and Durant is just terribly written. Read More...



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