BORED TO DEATH “Forget the Herring” Review

Bored to Death "Forget the Herring" Season 3, Episode 7 – Last week’s episode of Bored to Death ended with a major break in Jonathan’s search for his biological father as he received a call from a woman claiming to have information to assist him in his search. We began with the mysterious female caller, Rose, whose life also began at the Hudson Sperm Bank. Rose is already a step ahead of Jonathan with information about the sperm bank owner. She suspects the owner hired a "fire bug" to burn the sperm bank down and he’s currently in jail serving time. Indeed, Rose has no need to hire Jonathan, however, she decides to include him in her pursuit after seeing him on television and feeling sorry for him.

As Jonathan inches closer to solving the mystery of his biological father’s identity, Ray and George are doing their best to apologize and make amends with the women in their lives. Well, George is making an effort to apologize to his daughter while it appears that Ray is first trying to confirm that Leah is upset with him about the cheating. If Leah is not upset about the cheating, what else has Ray been up to? I’m probably reading too much into this and Ray’s effort to seek confirmation of the reason for Leah’s hurt feelings is probably due more to his general clueless state. Read More...


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