TERRA NOVA “Vs.” Review

TERRA NOVA "Vs." Season 1 Episode 9 – With an opening reminiscent of the first scene of Men in Black, we see a little dragonfly flying over Terra Nova reporting to Mira at the Sixer camp. The simply titled "Vs." actually got to the point rather quickly. It seems like the opening scenes before the first commercial break always just have been annoying family squabbles at the Shannon household, but we got that out of the way pretty quickly and get right into the meat of the episode very fast. Not only does Shannon find out about a body that was supposedly hidden by Taylor, but he actually finds the location and digs up the body all before the first commercial break! Slow down, Terra Nova!

The other story that was going on is the Terra Novans going out to try to find the Sixers and figure out how Mira is talking to the future. I really have no idea what their plan was here. Were they going to storm out into the jungle with all of their fancy jeeps and motorcycles and…what? Find the Sixer camp, ask nicely to speak to Mira, and then hope she just tells them exactly how she talks to the future? I mean, best case scenario they happen to take them by surprise even with their noisy jeeps and machinery, and then they’re able to capture Mira, but then what’s going to make her spill her guts about her fancy future machine? Good plan, guys. Read More...



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