GOSSIP GIRL “All the Pretty Sources” Review

GOSSIP GIRL "All the Pretty Sources" Season 5 Episode 8 – We bid a not-so-fond farewell to Diana in "All the Pretty Sources," this week’s Gossip Girl, and it says a lot for the quality of the episode that it wasn’t even the highlight of the hour.

Eight episodes into what has been a mediocre season at best, thanks in no small part to the least-desirable prince in Europe (Seriously! How did they manage to make a fairytale prince so unsexy?!?), Blair’s royal romance is finally starting to unravel. But will this lead her back to Chuck, as 99.9% of the fan base would like?

Because now it seems that Dan is also in love with Ms. Waldorf, only instead of molding himself into the kind of man who deserves her (a la Chuck Bass), he has decided to take the opposite route and turn himself into a drunken fool. Hmm…in three-way choice between a prince (unsexy or not), Chuck Bass or a blathering, washed-up novelist who tried to ride to fame by exposing his only friends to public ridicule, I think we all know who Blair will NOT be choosing. Read More...



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