HOUSE “Dead and Buried” Review

HOUSE "Dead and Buried" Season 8 Episode 7 – This is it, you guys! This is the House episode to end all House episodes! I saw the promos for the past week, and it promised a huge twist that I wouldn’t see coming! So did "Dead and Buried" deliver on all the hype? Well, read on to find out.

The two patients this week were both younger kids, which is a nice change of pace from the usual thirty-something patients, but there was one big difference: One of them is alive, one is dead. The dead kid becomes the personal case of House, as he leaves the rest of the team behind to deal with the teenage girl. I’m really not a fan of the episodes where House takes on a case all by himself, as I feel that this show is at it’s best when House is with his team the whole time. I especially don’t like these cases when they involve House crashing support groups Marla Singer style and terrorizing people who have recently lost a loved ones. That’s pretty low, even for House.

It also makes it completely impossible to root for House to solve the case if the patient is already dead. Who cares? I guess they were trying to get us to care about the kid’s dad, but he’s just a deadbeat drunk who lost his wife and son and is now being forced to relive the whole thing. I feel bad for him already, you guys, I don’t need to see him wallowing in misery while looking at his dead son’s old paraphernalia. Read More...


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