THE SING-OFF “America Votes: Group Mastermixes” Review

THE SING-OFF "America Votes: Group Mastermixes" Season 3, Episode 10 – Well, you can officially add me to the collective sense of disappointment that many fans of The Sing-Off are feeling tonight. I was rooting for Afro-Blue from the start and although I wasn’t convinced they could own this competition with Pentatonix in the mix, I was sure they would find themselves in the finale as one of the top two groups.

At least I can say that Afro-Blue left The Sing-Off on a high note. Their mastermix of "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Fly" was smooth and sung well. Mariah was adorable with her rap section and killed it with her incredible and unexpected belting. I had chills running up and down my spine during their judges’ choice song, "A Change Is Gonna Come" and it was clear that this group could sing circles around so many of the other groups on The Sing-Off.

I feel like Ben is always tougher on Afro-Blue in his critique of their performances, and I think it is because he knows how smart they are. He looks at their arrangements from a challenging musical perspective and he nitpicks little things that would never be addressed in less talented groups. On one hand I appreciate that, but in this competitive setting, it seems a bit unfair. Read More...


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