HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “The Rebound Girl” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "The Rebound Girl" Season 7, Episode 11 – I don’t remember How I Met Your Mother having so many crazy, life changing, cliff hanger plot twists like the ones we’ve been hit with recently. There have always been jaw dropping episodes and emotional tear-jerking episodes peppered throughout the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, but the weekly cliffhangers we’ve been getting in the last few weeks have been stressing me out a little – and I think I like it.

With Barney and Ted in a "bad place" with the broken, disenchanted hearts of single men looking for a happily ever after, they decide that they should swear off girls and start a family as bro-parents. Ted’s narration which constantly reminded us that they were in a really bad place, helped set this plot line up because otherwise their whole scheme would seem too outlandish even for How I Met Your Mother. In terms of relationships, these two have pretty much hit bottom and when you’re at the bottom, even the most absurd ideas make sense.

Ted and Barney in spousal roles was absolutely hilarious and I loved seeing the two of them fight about the parental roles they would take for their soon-to-be-adopted child. When Barney’s new "adopted daughter," Hurricane Stinson appears strapped to his chest, I never would have suspected that it was his niece, Sadie. Barney offered no explanation and let Ted and the others think that Hurricane was a child he got from a baby guy, when the reality was nowhere near as sinister. Seeing Barney and Ted being responsible for an actual human child made it pretty clear those two are not quite ready for parenthood. Read More...


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