Homeland Recap: I’m Out

Homeland arrived at something of a crossroads with "Achilles' Heel." Nobody with any kind of brain thought that last week's double whammy of Carrie and Brody coming clean to each other, followed by Tom Walker being revealed as a secretly alive terrorist, meant that Brody was NOT a traitor. But with Carrie and the CIA officially off the Brody trail and after Walker instead, this episode needed to be a restatement of purpose, and it did a pretty good job on multiple fronts.

We start, as always, with the state of the Brody marriage. After getting a chilly reception from Jess after he returns home from his unexplained weekend away, Brody is about as conciliatory and open as he's been with Jess since he returned from Iraq, and after he lets her unload some of her frustrations on him, they reconcile, and pretty soon it's heartwarming family fun times for the Brodys. It's an abrupt about-face for Brody, who was last spotted at home whaling away on Mike for having been with Jess, but the way Damian Lewis sells it, it seems genuine. Read More...



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