Dexter Recap: Buddy Up

This season has been like one long buddy movie with a rotating cast: Dexter and Brother Sam; Dexter and his dead brother Brian; the Prof and Travis; and last night, the most unlikely team-up yet — Dexter convinces Travis to help him take down the mad professor Gellar. Fans of the religious themes and the Doomsday Killers should be pleased that the third act is kicking into high gear. If you’re bored with Dexter’s soul searching and a decided lack of kill-room action, you might be a little cranky today. But seeing Travis’s sister Lisa wearing a satanic goat mask and riding a multi-headed crocodile should count for something, right?

The episode’s title surfaces in the diner scene where Dexter uses Brother Sam’s bloody Bible to speak Travis’s language (love the gross-out pages stuck together). Quoting James 4:17, Dex reminds Travis that failure to take action against evil is sin (weird current-events confluence — has Dexter been keeping up with the Penn State scandal?). The "sin of omission" theme also surfaces with LaGuerta, who forces Deb to drop the dead call girl investigation as a favor (or, more likely, blackmail) for a mystery man. Speaking of secrets, Deb finally (finally!) reaches her breaking point with Dexter’s emotional distance and mysterious constant disappearing acts. Read More...


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