'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: It's Going Down at Kim's Baby Shower

We opened last night at a demolition site. Operation Chateau Sheree was in full effect, which meant lots of Sheree in combat genie pants clomping around in stilettos to the beat of underwater techno music. "Next time you come to my job site wear tennis shoes," her appealing contractor suggested. But one does not suggest things to She by Sheree. "This is my job site and I may make you wear heels next time," she scolded. The Chateau will be a grand one: A circular driveway with a fountain. An 8000 square foot house with a library full of books with uncreased spines. A skating ballroom, masseuse quarters, a DJ playing Angry Birds on his iPhone in the party lounge. Anything will be better than the little dollhouse with the porcelain throne being toppled in front of her. 1975 architecture is so gross. "I was barely born then," said Sheree. Her contractor paused for a second but spared his life when he said nothing in response. Read More...



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