The Walking Dead Recap: Barnful of Zombies

This week’s opening functioned like an adrenaline shot to my weary heart. At the sight of all those undead relatives in the barn, I, too, briefly, came to life. Of course, the reason I was dead in the first place was because of the initial scene where Carl says, "Everything’s food for something else" and Lori looks way too aghast at the loss of her little boy’s innocence considering they are on a farm and have been eating chickens themselves and little kids who grow up in farm during non-zombie-soaked times learn this lesson and turn out just fine. And I certainly wasn’t pleased at the way Carl’s statement was then very literally demonstrated in the next scene when Otis’s widow breaks the legs of a couple of chickens, priming them to be food for "something else." (Also, why did she have to break their legs at all? Non-crippled chickens are too crafty for a pack of zombies?) But still, look, zombies! Right at the top of the hour, too, not shambling out 36 minutes in like they’d overslept and were late for work. Read More...


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