Boardwalk Empire Recap: Let the Real Battle Begin

We’ve seen how it takes a lot to kill a character on this show. Send a man after someone with a double-barreled weapon, and the ensuing shot merely grazes the shoulder of its intended. Order some assassin to execute a hit in a crowded club, and he only kills off the target’s ability to use a single hand.

So, no, Mickey Doyle didn’t suffer a series of cracked ribs that in turn poked holes in his lungs after last week’s impromptu second floor flight into a dinner table. Just a couple scratches on a face that can be propped up by a neck brace, thanks very much. And … Dunn Purnsley is not only alive, post his jail-cell beating some weeks back, but also seems to have reached a degree of rapprochement with Chalky White in the interim. (I would have loved to see their first meeting on the outside, at some point during these past few weeks. But I’m glad that two of the show’s most fascinating talkers are getting scenes together again — even if their rich, Deadwood-esque brand of argot only makes some of the other scenes feel lackluster by comparison.) Read More...


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