The Good Wife Recap: Natural Enemy, Vegetables

Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone just at the moment when that person suddenly and inexplicably pops up in your life? Because weird as it sounds, I was JUST thinking, Whatever happened to that amazing military lawyer from the second episode of season two? Then, boom, there he was, walking off the elevator at Lockhart Gardner. I will admit, I squealed. By the time opening credits rolled, I'd squealed two more times. It's a three-squealer, folks! Best episode all season? I'd say yes, if only because the series has been so uneven I can't remember what happened in the last episode I truly liked (though I know there were a few).

Before we get into the recapping, here's how I randomly happened to have mild-mannered Captain Terrence Hicks (Patrick Breen) on the brain: I refer you to an insanely absorbing true-crime story from a very recent issue of The New Yorker. It's about an Army sergeant in Fayetteville, North Carolina, who got convicted and sentenced to death for raping and murdering a mother and her two young children, then got that conviction overturned in criminal court, and THEN got retried and found guilty in military court. It's pretty much the same legal issue explored in "Double Jeopardy," when vengeful Cary retried Alicia's acquitted client in military court because the rules of double jeopardy don't apply there. In that episode, it had been a real pleasure watching Alicia's respect for the nerd military lawyer grow and to see him gain confidence while working with her. And as I read the article, I thought, maybe (maybe!) it would be super hot if he walked back into Alicia's life and became her third man? Him or nerd pollster. Where have you gone from my life, Jeremy Strong? Anyway, I digress. Read More...


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