Recap: 'Terra Nova' - 'Vs.'

It’s fairy clear at this point in the game that "Terra Nova" really isn’t interested in big questions concerning the human condition, man’s right to exist, or the ways in which large corporations use technology as a means of control. Those topics are all inherently threaded in the show’s DNA, but usually pushed aside so characters can ask more pressing questions, such as, "When will there be pie?" The joy in reviewing individual episodes of television often lies in teasing out the subtext of a given week. But "Terra Nova" is all surface, so there’s not much meat on the subtextual bone.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d take a page from Dan Fienberg’s coverage of "The X Factor" and bring that running diary style over to tonight’s episode, "Vs." Then again, if this entire episode is in fact an exploration of Pearl Jam’s seminal second album via the prism of dinosaurs, I reserve the right to revert back to my usual prose stylings in this part of the HitFix jungle. Read More...


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