'How I Met Your Mother' recap: (Bro-)Parenting

In television, there are twists and then there are cover-your-mouth-in-shock-as-you-gasp twists, and tonight's How I Met Your Mother delivered the latter with a side of "Holy crap."

So, Robin is pregnant, guys. Has that sunk in yet? Didn't think so. It might take a bit. While we give it some time, let's go back to the beginning of the episode.

So, we picked up what one can only assume is not too long after last week's Barney and Robin drama. (I'll let you all debate exactly how long -- at least a month, right? Bah! Again, all you.) Barney was still struggling with the shock of Robin's betrayal, and Ted was being Ted, a.k.a. everyone's best friend in misery. That's sort of what I love about Ted, even if he has nothing too recent to lament (the pumpkin was weeks ago, Ted!), he's always there to make sure no one sulks in peace. Call him a downer. I call him a pal. Read More...



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