Gossip Girl Review: Sources of Evil

Now that's more like it.

After such a mediocre installment last week, "All The Pretty Sources" met all the criteria for a solid Gossip Girl episode. It focused on the core cast members, advanced the storyline, and was entertaining as heck.

Sounds like a simple formula, but the show has been known to deviate from it as we know. Tonight our favorite characters were in rare form, and even the supporting players brought something to the table.

The episode also managed to tie all the storylines together in a way that flowed nicely and didn't feel totally forced, like throwing everyone together at a party out of the blue ... which did sort of happen.

B's shower was where the tension boiled over, but it did so (relatively) believably and scandalously for all. The big winners? Chuck, Nate, Nlair and Serena. The losers? Louis, Ivy, Diana and Gossip Girl.

As for Dan, that's a tough call. Maybe he won't even remember what happened ...



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