'Terra Nova' Recap: Murder He Wrote

On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Taylor intensifies his search for the Sixer's spy and Jim gets tangled in a sticky web of murder and family troubles. Also, bugs in Terra Nova are disgustingly huge and very untrustworthy.

Tree of Despair

Taylor is busy interrogating Boylin about what he knows about the Sixers. Boylin says that they are only trading partners and that he doesn't know anything else about the spy. It's no big deal Taylor, Boylin is just bringing in fine Cuban cigars in return for guns and medicine. That sounds legit to me. For some reason, Taylor doesn't believe him and decides to give Boylin a little bit of noise torture by ringing a loud alarm. It could be worse Boylin, you could be subjected to Miley Cyrus for 24 straight hours like they do at Gitmo.



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