'Hart of Dixie' Recap: Lemons Think Blue

Hart of Dixie's homecoming weekend in Bluebell is like every other homecoming in America (except, it's in freaking November): football, beer, crab dip, parties, and pranks. Too bad New York is the harbinger of girly evil and ruins all of this.

Gigi is as Bad as Gigli

For some reason, Homecoming weekend happens in November in Alabama/TV Land. That's fine, because it creates a chance for old times and rivalries. Which is good because we get to see Wade, George and Lemon hang out! More on that later.

But it's bad for new girl Zoe, who is homesick ironically. Lavon asks help throwing a party, he gets Zoe and some random New Yorker social party planner. Zoe's friend Gigi is everything obnoxious about New York this show is projecting at me. But at the same time, she's kind of fun; like I wanna slap her and ask her where she got her purse from.



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