Hart of Dixie Review: Team Not the Vet

Well, it looks like we’ll be waiting yet another week for the latest results on the race between Team Wade/George/Possibly the vet, although maybe a different team has formed: Team Wade and George as best new bromance.

Heck, "Homecoming and Coming Home" even opened up Lemon just a little bit, and that’s something that I can get behind. Plus, it continues this progression of Zoe being just a little bit more vulnerable among her new friends in Bluebell, and that’s never a bad thing.

Zoe’s best friend from New York, Gigi, served as an excellent example of how far Zoe has come in such a short time. Zoe is becoming more and more comfortable living with the residents of Bluebell, and how they live. If Gigi is any type of example, Zoe found her moral center in Bluebell. Not only that Zoe is standing up for and defending them from her best friend.

It sounds to me like Zoe is a part of Bluebell, even though she thinks she’s lost between worlds at the moment. Aside from this fantastic character growth though, the party and Gigi fell flat, and I can’t decide if it was done on purpose to further emphasize Zoe’s change or if it really was just a lame party. Read More...



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