House Review: Multiple Personalities

What did I learn about House in "Dead & Buried"?  It's a question I ask myself after each episode, and this season, there hasn't been a huge rush of new information on a character we've all been watching for eight years.  However, this episode did demonstrate that House is a compassionate man, which is the reason I continue watching the series.  I challenge the writers, producers, and actors to make me like House.  Show me his humanity.  We all know he can be an entertaining jerk, but the real accomplishment of the series is showing us that his joy in puzzles is not always just about puzzles; helping people come to terms with their own problems is where the blunter-than-thou House often succeeds.

In tonight's episode, House sets out to solve two mysteries: one he is deeply invested in, and the other is his team's case, the one he is required to take.  House wanting to solve the mystery of a four year old's death seems like typical House.  Solve the mystery and release the tension of House's obsession.  However, the circumstances of House's particular obsession are different this week; it's more than clear he wants to help his anger management friend overcome the mysterious death of his son.  So while House's explicit goal was to diagnose the dead, his implicit goal was to help a man in the most concrete way he knows. Read More...


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