How I Met Your Mother 7.11: "The Rebound Girl" Review

**WARNING: If you haven’t watched last night’s How I Met Your Mother there are spoilers ahead. Get yourself to or to your DVR asap before reading.**

It was the baby news heard ‘round the world.

Just as Barney was joking about how bad he would be as a dad on last night’s How I Met Your Mother, Robin tells him she is pregnant. Yes, you read that right, ROBIN IS PREGNANT.

My immediate reaction to this news: "WHATTTTTTTT?"

Presuming the baby is Barney’s, this is a jaw dropping cliffhanger Carter and Bays have thrown at us. Of course there is a chance the baby could be Kevin’s. However, I’m really hoping the father of Robin’s child is revealed quickly and doesn’t play out as a mystery. After all isn’t that what we have the mother for? Speaking of Kevin where was he this episode? When there’s hardly a mention of him, I tend to wishfully forget he exists and hope Barney and Robin start making out. Read More...


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