Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Day in The Squad Rio Runs

As if life weren't complicated enough, my computer decided to turn itself into a singularity and obliterated my entire desk, so having taken a week off unwillingly I now return with a double header of Sora no Woto! For those of you also following my Durarara!! reviews, relax, I plan to do a double header of that too, so expect a quick four reviews without my usual prelude jargon and drama.Episode 3 of Soto no Woto starts with Kanata back up on the roof the next day with bugle in hand, prepared to play the morning call. Again, her sound is abysmal, but it's a minor inprovement from her first attempt though not many people seem to notice. The squad starts the day with a breakfast made by Kanata, complete with a miso soup with stock from her home town. Afterwards the squad goes to work cleaning and maintaining the base and their equipment as we are treated to a slight montage. While this is going on, Rio and Felicia take a moment aside to talk, and while Rio won't admit it flat out, she's clearly taken a shine to her pupil which her commanding officer can see.

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