HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ki’ilua” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ki’ilua" Season 2 Episode 10 – Well we’ve all been waiting for the moment when the crap was going to hit the fan after we found out that Jenna was working for Wo Fat, and in tonight’s episode it did just that. She tricks Steve into going with her to South Korea to save her fiancé from kidnappers, forgetting to mention of course that he is the ransom – oh and that Wo Fat is the kidnapper.

Steve trusts her so he goes in and gets himself in a world of trouble. Meanwhile back at home the team starts getting clues that Jenna has been lying to them. After she finds out that her fiancé is dead, she tries to undo the wrongs by calling the team in and even giving Steve a means of escape. It was no surprise that those are Jenna’s last acts on earth, but I appreciated the redemption and I even felt myself not hating her by the time she died. Read More....



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