DEATH VALLEY “Peace in the Valley” Review

DEATH VALLEY "Peace in the Valley" Season 1 Episode 12 – It’s funny how something can be staring you in the face, but it takes you twelve weeks to realize it’s there. While watching the opening credits of "Peace in the Valley," the season finale of Death Valley, I noticed that every episode has started with a news clip of a reporter stating one simple fact: no one knows where the vampires, zombies and werewolves came from. I think we might have gotten our answer in the finale.

Unfortunately, the answer only raised more questions. What is this…Lost?

Despite the worries of his team, Dashell is determined to go through with the peace treaty proposed by the vampires, even after Kirsten finds out that his niece has been half-turned against her will by Rico before his death. He dispatches Stubeck and Billy to meet with two vamp underlings to find out what terms the vamps require for peace. Read More...


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