CASTLE “Kill Shot” Review

CASTLE "Kill Shot" Season 4 Episode 9 – Okay guys, I have to tell you that this episode hit me on a level I didn’t expect. I’ve seen other shows with people going through what Beckett faced in this one, but the way they portrayed it with Kate was so accurate that it made some of the scenes a little hard for me to watch.

Beckett has to face the events of her own shooting when a sniper pops up in the city and seemingly starts killing people at random. Now anyone who has been through a trauma knows how it feels when things in life start getting a little too close to the conditions of the time of the trauma. Little things like a smell, a sound; it all can take you back to that moment. Beckett is stuck in the worst case scenario because it’s not just random things that trigger her; it’s almost the exact same scenario – a sniper shooting people pretty much the same way she was shot. Her resulting panic attacks definitely resonated with me and like I said, made it hard to watch what she was going through. Read More...


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