Gossip Girl Recap: You Can Always Be Your True Self With Us

Despite his recent trip to Italy, which faces real problems, Princth Louis was still twitchy upon his return to the Upper East Side over the goings-on among New York City’s leisure class. He’d barely put down his conciliatory gift to Blair and finished claiming to be a better man before declaring, in the grand tradition of overly possessive ex-boyfriends, his belief that her friends were not looking out for her besth interesths. Au contraire, mon frere. Last night, the scheming and plotting was left to the outsiders as many of the characters bestowed kindnesses on one another: Serena orchestrated a Tiffany’s themed "shower" for Blair, and even roped her minions into containing the surprise. When Dan grew despondent over his outsider status, Chuck shared with him his wisdom, his pot, and even his hookers, proving that Lonely Boy is not so much of an outsider after all. Even tooth-baring cougaress Elizabeth Hurley showed a softer side: The Maude to Nate’s Harold, she sacrificed herself so that Nate might live on, unencumbered, in this case by a terrible secret that would blow his pure and honest mind. (She’s actually a man and having a gay affair with his grandfather? Just a guess.) Read More...



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