How I Met Your Mother Recap: Shock and Awww

Generally, these recaps stick to the episode’s actual chronology, but after last night, we have to skip right to the end. Robin’s pregnant? Did anyone see that coming? Our reaction was total surprise, followed by mild disappointment. Not with the episode itself, which continued the season’s winning streak, but because Robin is the self-appointed "vice girl." She hates babies almost as much as she loves scotch (okay, hate might be strong — she did steal Jeremy’s sock that one time). Put it this way: She isn’t pursuing traditional roles. Now the two female leads are becoming mothers, which might be wonderful in real life, but threatens to compromise the quality of a show about the prolonged adolescence of people who live in New York. At this rate, if Barney’s the father, Ted will be drinking at MacLaren’s by himself next year — unless Robin has a convenient television miscarriage or gives the baby up for adoption, both of which would be rather loaded moves for a sitcom. Surely, this will be much discussed in the comments. Too bad next week is the first repeat of the season. Read More...


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