THE BIGGEST LOSER Season 12 Episode 10 Review

THE BIGGEST LOSER Season 12, Episode 10 – It’s Thanksgiving on The Biggest Loser and what better way to kick off the episode than with 100 plates of holiday-themed foods? As I looked at the plates of cornbread, ham, turkey, pie and cake I was immediately struck with one thought – I need a snack.

Allison introduces us to a high stakes temptation challenge with lucrative rewards. The contestants have the opportunity to earn $500 per pound lost, an expensive at-home gym or the sweetest prize of them all, a 3-pound advantage. Kudos to Sunny for at least thinking through the consequences of her actions. However, that moment of hesitation may have been to her detriment considering how the episode ended. Perhaps if she spent less time agonizing over doing the right thing and more time playing the game, she would not have ended the night below the yellow line. I was impressed by John and Vinny’s discipline – although it probably was not hard for Vinny to stop eating after picking the plate that revealed the number 10. Read More...


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