Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 07 Review: Battle with 10-Fold Gravity!

Today I will be reviewing episode seven of the Dragon Ball Kai TV series. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were all waiting for the show to air, and now the Saiyans are almost here. Besides my actual review, I'll be telling you about a little experiment that my fellow YouTuber, gokuden553 and I did for the airing of this episode. I just want to warn you - This is not a big review. It's just a nice, brief look at episode seven.

The episode began with Goku eating on KaiÃ…-sama's planet. It wasn't the best place to start the episode at, but that was where the manga left off in episode six. This episode went to show a majority of the footage of Goku's training, as well as Gohan and the Z Senshi's. It did feel a little rushed how they kept switching from place to place, but it wasn't like episode one where you could tell they cut out a lot! I was predicting that all of the training scenes would be shown by now, but I guess we'll just have to wait for episode eight. I predict that Nappa will be dead by episode eleven or twelve. Considering how they are going, we can expect the whole Vegeta arc finishing up before episode twenty. Anyway, overall I pretty much liked this episode and I give it a four and a half star rating.

Now for that "experiment" I was writing about earlier. If you guys haven't seen a "Kai" episode page yet, you're missing out on viewing a list of commercials that aired during that episode. It's a nice feature the site has, and the site is probably the only place where you can find this info. Anyway... you may not know, but there's a Japan TV station called "Toei TV" where the Dragon Ball Kai episodes have been airing. It was discovered on KeyHole TV by fans a while back. I've heard that the only difference between Toei TV and Fuji TV is that Fuji TV promotes the two shows, Dragon Ball Kai and One Piece, as "Dream 9." This is because the two shows air every week at 9:00 AM. I set out to prove if this was true or not. I wrote a list of commercials that aired on Fuji TV during the episode that were Dragon Ball-related, and my friend, gokuden553 did the same with Toei TV. This experiment was a success because we found out that the only difference was that the "Dream 9" promo did not air on Toei TV after the episode like Fuji TV!

Thanks for viewing this week's review! I hope you enjoyed it and hope you continue to enjoy reading my other reviews that are yet to come! Bye'cha!

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