NCIS “Sins of the Father” Review

NCIS "Sins of the Father" Season 9 Episode 10 – I have to admit that I had a bit of a private eye roll when I saw that Daddy DiNozzo was apparently going to be involved in a murder in this episode. I mean haven’t we already done that with everyone from McGee’s grandmother to Gibbs’ mother-in-law?

But I gotta say, they really nailed this one. I was pleased to see that they didn’t play this whole story for laughs but instead used it as a way to once again highlight the problems Tony has with his father. Tony has been telling wild stories about his dad since season one and I think all of us thought he was kidding. But tonight we saw that he may have actually been holding back on us. The more we learned, the more I had to wonder how long Tony has had to be the adult in the relationship with his father. It seems like his dad has been running around playing the fool ever since Tony’s mom died, leaving junior either cleaning up his messes or just plain neglected. Read More...


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