PARENTHOOD “Mr Honesty” Review

PARENTHOOD "Mr Honesty" Season 3 Episode 10 – Parenthood is, for the most part, a show which develops organically. Its "slice of life" style doesn’t jive with everyone’s sensibilities, but the show rewards dedicated viewership with moments of painful honesty few shows on television manage to skim. So in this episode you had Amber’s lower class and failed bid for independence shame as she works her ass off in a thankless job and yet fails to make ends meet, forcing her to grovel for money. You have Crosby and Jasmine rekindling their relationship so many episodes after the Minka Kelly fiasco.

These are all plotlines, but they’re plotlines so organic that it almost feels cheap to label them that.

Then there are the more obvious plotlines in which you can see the writers’ hands, but when it’s done well, as is the case with Joel and Julia’s adoption from the latté girl story, it doesn’t really matter. Read More...


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