Bored to Death 3.07 "Forget the Herring" Review

Bored to Death season 3 keeps digging deeper with its latest "Forget the Herring," another guest-star packed half-hour that sees Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman) investigating a new lead in the search for his father, while George (Ted Danson) and Ray (Zach Galifianakis) make desperate gambles of their relationship troubles.  But with only one episode of the season remaining, is this the last we'll see of Bored to Death?

Lately it feels like we have two different kinds of Bored to Death episodes, those heavy with celebrity guest appearances, and those focusing on the interpersonal dynamic of its three leads.  "Forget the Herring" falls into the former, though that’s not any kind of level at the show’s humor, only a minor distracting in an otherwise engaging story. Read More...


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